The Joyful Journaling Podcast w/Becca Rae

Accessing, Regulating, and Growing toward Joy with Coach & Healer, Brenda Winkle

July 31, 2022 Rebecca Rae Season 1 Episode 10
The Joyful Journaling Podcast w/Becca Rae
Accessing, Regulating, and Growing toward Joy with Coach & Healer, Brenda Winkle
Show Notes

As this releases, it's just shy of August! So VERY much has changed since I released my first podcast episode back in April, including the fact that I now have some pretty sexxy sound equipment SINCE talking with Brenda, unfortunately. Gotta love Podcasting School and all its perks!! HEAR this difference in all my future episodes!

Today's guest was the VERY first person to host ME on HER podcast, just DAYS before my episode 1 released! In between these months, Brenda Winkle, has moved from my Cathy Heller Abundant Ever After Sister to my YES Academy Coach, and a cherished cross-country friend.

Brenda Winkle is an energy expert, an empowerment coach, and an Advanced ThetaHealing® Meditation Technique Practioner. She has been in business since 2015.

Currently living in Portland, Oregon, Brenda attributes her self-care growth to stepping way out of her comfort zone. From freeing herself from an abusive marriage to moving all the way across the country from Boise, Idaho, growth is invigorating yet challenging! However, staying in the moment, learning to regulate our emotions, and experiencing life in new ways surely is the key to accessing JOY! 

Join two teachers and podcast hosts as they hit on everything from surviving teaching during the pandemic to parenting, from Shakespeare to Lizzo! This cross America conversation West Coast/East Coast, has a little something for each of us to ponder when it comes to taking a pause and leaning into self-care!

Brenda says she wants to "help other people unlock their own happiness without the struggle. The best way to heal the world is to help one person at a time find their purpose, passion, and peace. "

You can find Brenda at all the links below! Don't forget to check out her internationally successful podcast, Waves of Joy, too, wherever you catch your podcasts!



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